Monday, June 13, 2011

UPDATE: The Clean Fifteen & Dirty Dozen

Last year, I blogged about The Environmental Working Group's annual list of the "cleanest" & most contaminated commercially grown produce available in supermarkets in the US. 

The annual study for 2011 has just been released & I thought I would share the list again since eating off the clean 15 & avoiding the dirty dozen (by buying organic) can significantly reduce your intake of pesticides & other carcinogenic & harmful additives in your produce. 

Here's the list: 

A rule of thumb that I follow for buying organic: 
If you peel it or don't eat the otter layer of the veggie or fruit, it's okay to buy commercially grown.  If you eat the skin of the fruit or veggie or if there's no "peeling" involved, buy organic.  If you think about it, pesticides are sprayed directly onto your produce.  The outer layer absorbs the pesticides & protects the core of your food, making the it okay to eat.  Foods like spinach (there's no protective layer) or apples (you eat the outside of the fruit) should always be purchased organic so you're not ingesting those harmful pesticides. 

xoxo Shauna

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