Friday, June 3, 2011

Juice Cleanse Day 3

NOO!!  I just received word that I have to take a client out for dinner & drinks tonight.  I guess working in the restaurant industry & attempting a juice cleanse isn't the easiest of tasks, but at least I made it almost the whole way through, right?

The biggest thing I noticed is how much my appetite changed.  I was expecting to be starving the entire time, but I really wasn't hungry.  I hope to I keep up the momentum & eat smaller portions & make wise decisions.  Usually I'm a HUGE sweets person & haven't had any cravings (I even had a photo shoot at work yesterday with JUST DESSERTS), so hopefully this cleanse cut some cravings for good. 

I do still fancy a glass of wine though (I think it's a social thing above all other reasons).  

& I definitely want to try this cleanse again.  I think it would be awesome to start out every month with a 3 day cleanse.  

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!  Some Friday Inspiration to come...
xoxo Shauna

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