Thursday, June 2, 2011

Juice Cleanse Day 2

 Day 2 of my juice cleanse & I'm surprised that I'm really not hungry!  

I went to bed a little hungry last night since I had my last smoothie around 6 o'clock & didn't go to bed until about 11:30, but I woke up feeling fine.

As far as the coffee... I have a confession to make.  I caved!! Haha I only had a 1/2 a cup, but it was heavenly & I don't regret it at all!!  Okay... okay... I do feel a bit guilty because this completely defeats the purpose of doing a cleanse i'm guessing but my job is stressful so i'm using that as my excuse.  The most difficult part of this cleanse is definitely breaking my morning routine of drinking a cup of coffee right when I wake up.  I'll TRY again tomorrow.  Ugh.

Side note... I stepped on the scale this morning & it said I weighed 2 pounds less, which obviously isn't real weight-loss, but more of the fact that I have nothing in my stomach besides juice & coffee. Still a little motivation to keep going 'til day 3, though.  :)

"Grapefruit Green" smoothie with ground flax seed for fiber. 

I had a ton of meetings today at work, so had just enough time to run to a convenience store & pick up a "Green Machine" Naked Juice for lunch.  

I plan on going to Nekter Juice Bar after work to try one of their smoothies for "dinner".

'til day 3...

xoxo Shauna

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