Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Juice Cleanse Day 1

Day 1 of my juice cleanse & I'm immediately regretting this decision.  Thank goodness for my blog or else I would have definitely gone back on my word.  It's not the lack of food that's bothering me, but the lack of COFFEE.  I've haven't gone a day without coffee since probably high school. 

I went to & searched "caffeine withdrawal symptoms".  Here's what I got:

Severe, throbbing headaches, fatigue, sleepiness and inability to concentrate or focus on activities are common symptoms a person experiences when withdrawing from caffeine. The more caffeine consumed daily, the more difficult it is to stop and the more severe the withdrawal symptoms become, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins.

Check.  Check.  Check.
Other than that, I'm doing just splendid.

xoxo Shauna


  1. Yikes...well good for you for making it through day 1! Good luck :)

  2. Thanks Amber! It got A LOT easier as the day went on. I'm so glad I did it! Now on day 3, I feel refreshed, don't have headaches, & I'm not even hungry! I even lost a few pounds, too! :)