Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Revlon's Just Bitten

I've read a few reviews from fellow bloggers who've tried Revlon's lip stain called Just Bitten.  I usually use Benifit's lip stain, but since this drugstore version is a fraction of the price, I thought I'd give them a try.  

What I love about Revlon's lip stain is they come in a variety of colors (not just a red & a pastel pink shade like Benefit).  Revlon's version is also really easy to apply, with the tip of the stain resembling a marker you use to "draw" on the stain.  The other side of the pen is a balm to give the matte stain a little sheen.  

I love stains because you get the dramatic effect of color without the mess of a lipstick & they also tend to last a bit longer (I've worn Just Bitten a couple times in the last week & the stain seems to last a couple of hours before I had to reapply).   

I purchased Gothic (top) which teems to be a bright true red & Twilight (bottom) which is a darker red.  I absolutely love the color of Twilight & have worn it day & night & even to work.  It's definitely versatile & work appropriate.  

Wearing Twilight in the picture above.

xoxo Shauna 


  1. The color looks amazing on you! I got one of the bright pink lipstains, and really loved it the first time I used it. When I went to use it the second time The color was really faded. =(

  2. Thanks Sarah! Benifit makes a pink lip tint (it's not super bright though... more of a pretty pastel pink) that I really love & the color won't dry up like Revlon's because you paint it on like nail polish! You might want to give that one a try (maybe layering coats to give a brighter pink). xoxo