Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DIY Christmas Decor

This year, I wanted to give expected Christmas decorations a touch of something unexpected… I'm a fan of contemporary decor & clean lines, so when i saw this chandelier at Ikea, I knew it would be perfect for a DIY Christmas wreath project…. 

Ikea LED Chandelier: $29.99

 Picture of the chandelier on it's side.

Tools needed: 

  • Ikea LED chandelier (2 sizes available)
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Clear Christmas-tree bulbs
*for my large wreath i used 15 packs of bulbs (6 in each pack)  
*I purchased the bulbs at Big Lots for only $3 a pack!!
Clear thread or fishing line

The process… 
  • First, hot glue the metal tops of the bulbs to the glass bulb so that you don't have accidents later on.  
  • Starting on the inside of the wreath, tie bulbs to frame with fishing line.
  • Make sure you tie the blubs to the "front" or only one side of the wreath so when you hang your finished wreath, there's a flat side to hang against the wall.  
  • Cut the ends of the fishing line after you've tied the bulbs into the wreath.  
  • Continue with outside edge of frame & then cross bars in the frame.  For my wreath, I had 3 or 4 rows of bulbs around the entire wreath.

Finished product!  
I hung my wreath over a mirror for the extra effect & attached it with the same clear fishing line.  I hid the power cord along the edge of the mirror's frame to plug in the LED lights.  

Tip:  Save a pack of bulbs until after you hang your wreath, so you can step back & decide if a spot on your wreath is looking a little bare.    

I've already gotten A LOT of compliments on this wreath!  The Christmas trees on the side are 3 foot faux trees, which i stuck glittery faux gardenia flowers & leaves in & wrapped the bottoms in burlap!  

Total Cost for wreath:  $75 (I saw a similar wreath at Rodger's Gardens a few days ago for $500!!)  

xoxo Shauna

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