Monday, November 22, 2010

Single for the holidays?

Did you know that November has the highest brake-up rate out of all of the months of the year?  Some speculate that it's the gloomy weather, others think it's that the holidays are fast approaching & people decide this month if they really want to spend the holidays with their current significant other.   

It's argued that a partner will wait to end the relationship (if the couple makes is through November) until after the new year so they don't have to spend the holidays alone.  Family holiday functions alone, Christmas parties without a date, no significant other to exchange Christmas presents with & no NYE kiss does sound pretty brutal, I admit, but doesn't the thought of dragging on a relationship you know it's going anywhere sound even worse?  

Seems as though everyone I know is having relationship woes this month (Coincidence?).  Talking to a girlfriend today, she was telling me about her current relationship that she knows isn't going anywhere.  He's much older, parties too much, isn't finically responsible & has commitment issues (I can't even count all the red flags).  Even though she's well aware that this isn't going anywhere, she continues to spend all of her free time with him because she has fun with him, & likes the affection & company.  

FUN doesn't get you a long term, happy, healthy relationship, sister.  I think that most girls are guilty of doing this, too.  We're so scared to be alone that we stay with losers?  Think about this…

Every party, function, bar, club, etc. you go to with your current guy… you're giving up the opportunity to talk to someone amazing who potentially could be the right one for you.  Maybe going to that holiday party single doesn't sound like a bad idea after all…

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