Sunday, December 12, 2010

Current Readings…

I've read this book a few times before, but it's one I keep going back to when I need some inspiration & insight in my life.  Karen Armstrong is one of my favorite authors because she has a way of explaining such complex subjects in a way that makes sense even to a person with little religious background.  This book makes me have so many lightbulb moments & really changes the way I look at the world…  

Another thing I absolutely love about Karen Armstrong is that she is one of the most well rounded & educated theologians in Eastern & Western religion (it's rare to be so knowledgable about both) & in a discipline that is dominated by atheists & agnostics, she holds firm to her Christian beliefs.  Although most of her work does not persuade her readers to share her own beliefs, in The Case for God, she does explain why religion, even in today's world, is important for living a happy, fulfilling life.  She states that religion is “to help us live creatively, peacefully, and even joyously with realities for which there are no easy explanations".  She also argues that religion helps us live a “compassionate lifestyle that enables us to break out of the prism of selfhood.”  These concepts do not originate from one specific sect, but in fact can be found in most religions.  This is why The Case for God is a good read for anyone on a quest for a deeper meaning or understanding of religion.  

If you're in search for a deeper meaning to your life, or just want a better understanding of the history of religion, I highly recommend trying out Karen Armstrong's work.  

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