Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Milk is Evil

Milk campaigns targeted at children & athletes spew out this FALSE information & it really fires me up!  

So, yesterday I got in a semi-heated debate with a friend of mine who is convinced that milk is some sort of life source.  He asked me why I considered milk the "devil's drink" & there we so many points I wanted to make, I didn't know where to begin…

Think about it for a second… 

What other animal on earth drinks milk from another species, besides human beings?  
What other animal on earth drinks milk after maturity has been reached, besides human beings?
Cows weigh THOUSANDS of pounds & calves drink fat filled milk to reach this weight… why are we drinking something that is intended to make you gain weight RAPIDLY?  

There is an amazing blog called that talks about pasteurization, growth hormones, antibiotics & other disgusting problems with milk.  Some of my favorite points:

The Unnatural “Beefing Up” of Dairy Cows – Hormones and Antibiotics

"Fifty years ago an average cow produced 2,000 pounds of milk per year. Today the top producers produce about 50,000 pounds! How is this accomplished? Drugs, antibiotics, growth hormones, forced feeding plans and specialized breeding – that’s how."
"The most recent unnatural addition to dairy cows is bovine growth hormone or BGH. This genetically engineered drug is supposed to stimulate milk production without “supposedly” affecting the quality of the milk itself! Rrright….(in the voice of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers)"
"Many countries have banned BGH because of safety concerns. Any substance added to a dairy cow’s body comes out in the milk. I don’t know how you feel, but I don’t want genetically engineered hormones coming into my body!"
"BGH causes a dramatic increase (50 to 70 %) in mastitis (udder infections) in the dairy cows’ udders, because of the constant production of milk. This in turn requires antibiotic therapy to cure the mastitis, and then the residues of the antibiotics appear in the milk we drink."
"Over 50 % of all the antibiotics produced in North America are mixed directly into animal feed. Ideally, antibiotics should be used in farming only when necessary to treat infections."
"However, due to the unhealthy conditions of factory-farmed animals, and the poor, dirty conditions they are raised under, they are fed a constant supply of antibiotics from birth until death."
"We then, are unknowingly consuming far more antibiotics than we intend to, by drinking commercial milk. This fact may be part of the reasons that more and more people are becoming resistant to prescribed antibiotics."
"Milk alone contains traces of up to 80 different antibiotics! Since lactating mammals excrete toxins through the milk, this would include antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals, and growth hormones.?

The Problem with Pasteurization

"Raw milk sours naturally, but pasteurized milk turns putrid and thus manufactueres must remove the slime and pus from pasteurized milk through centrifugal clarification." 
"Furthermore, inspection of dairy herds for disease is not even required for pasteurized milk."
"To hit home the problem with pasteurization, calves (baby cows) fed pasteurized milk die before maturity!"

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