Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Hangover from HELL

I barley drink anymore, but when I do, I find that my hangovers are getting exceedingly worse!  I refuse to think that it's because i'm getting old… so I tell myself it's because i'm not doing the proper "conditioning".  

I have, however, learned what makes my horrible headaches & shakes subside… hope they help you get through the next rough morning!

1. Fluids.  I drink electrolyte enhanced water from Trader Joe's (like Smart Water, but 1/2 the price) because the added electrolytes are said to hydrate you more efficiently.   I also LOVE coconut water, chock full of potassium & electrolytes & tastes super yummy.  

2.  Milk Thistle.  Milk thistle capsules are found in any local health food store.  Said to help your liver process toxins more quickly, try to remember to take a few capsules at the beginning of your night, before you go to bed, and a couple in the morning.  

3.  Sweat it out.  Although the idea of hitting the gym may be nauseating, it really is the best way to cure a hangover.  Just be sure to drink plenty of water, and muster up the energy to do some cardio.  My workout of choice happens to be spin, but anything that gets your legs moving & your blood flowing.  

4.  Eat HEALTHY.  I know that a lot of people say greasy food is the hangover cure, but whenever I eat fast food or lots of fat & processed food, I feel completely gross.  Add that to a head-pounding hangover, & you quadruple your day-after-dilema.  

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