Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Coconut Water: Not So Magically Healthy After All?

Coconut water is EVERYWHERE.  & I must admit, i've jumped on the bandwagon myself.  I love the stuff.  But is coconut water as amazing as it claims to be??  I usually opt for the lowest calorie option at my local grocery store (some have "pulp" or added juices that make them higher in calories & I typically like to EAT my calories & not DRINK them), but I wonder... are all coconut water brands created equal or is there a specific brand I should be buying?

To my surprise, when ConsumerLab.com tested three leading brands (Zico, Vita Coco & ONE), only one contained what it actually said it did. 

The trouble seems to lie in the beverages' sodium and magnesium quantities: These electrolytes form the basis of the drink's rehydration claims.  The test revealed that in the Vita Coco and ONE brands, there was as much as 82% less sodium than advertised, and as much as 35% less magnesium.
However, CNN reports that Zico Natural did deliver its promised levels of the two ingredients.

Zico it is!

xoxo Shauna

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