Wednesday, August 31, 2011

San Francisco Recap

Back from SF!  Had an amazing trip & literally did not stop eating the entire time!  The gym & veggies is where it's at for me for a couple weeks but it was all worth it :)

I wanted to share the amazing restaurants that we tried while eating through the city & my honest opinion of all of them...



Our first stop in Sausalito was an Italian restaurant called Poggio.  The wait staff was so friendly & nice & they made you feel as if you were part of the family.  The restaurant also serves complimentary sparkling or still water which we loved. 

Sushi Ran

The sushi here was AMAZING.  They also serve their sake in wine glasses & pretty carafes which I thought was a really nice touch. 

Mil Valley 

El Paseo

For after dinner drinks, we went to the sleepy town (compared to the big city) of Mil Valley.  This old restaurant stays trendy with beautiful romantic ambiance & boutique beers on tap.



For lunch the next day we want to Waterbar, located down the road from the piers & ferry building.  Although I wasn't too impressed with the meal, dessert was delicious & you can't beat the views of the bay.

Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant

One of my favorite places to shop & grab a glass of wine.  A must every time I'm in the city.

The Slanted Door

Located inside the ferry building, this worldwide famous restaurant does not disappoint.  We snacked on some Vietnamese favorites, along with flowering tea & sour beer (my fav).

RN 74

The ambiance here is literally amazing.  I loved everything about this restaurant.  Quite possibly my favorite of the trip.  

Foreign Cinema

Originally, I wanted to try this restaurant for brunch, but we opted for dinner intead.  This large restaurant, once a garage, plays old movies with subtitles on one of the high brick walls of the large center courtyard.  Although the food wasn't super impressive, I will definitely be back for brunch.  


The line for Mama's is like nothing I've ever seen before!  With large portions & nostalgia, it's easy to see why this place is such a hit.  

Other favs...

Open late with amazing energy.  Always busy with a fun crowd.
Tapas style dining with amazing hand crafted cocktails.

xoxo Shauna

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