Friday, August 12, 2011

Smart Shopping

I'm not much of a "bargain" shopper, but trying to get better about it.  Especially when purchasing dresses, it's recently occurred to me that $200 is kinda ridiculous to spend because I'm only going to wear a special occasion dress once. 

With that being said.... I just purchased this little number at the Bloomingdales sale today for $30!  Originally it cost more than $100 & it's exactly what I was looking for!  Next month, I'm going on a little Vegas trip with my boyfriend & his parents so I needed a dress that can do double duty in regards to being "parent appropriate" & Vegas attire.  It's even cuter in person... with ruffles cascading down the front & a cute pale pink & black print that makes it feel a little more casual. With a little trip to the tailor (I recommend tailoring all of your dresses so they fit your body perfectly), I say this dress is the perfect find. 

If you live close to a Bloomie's I would recommend you go immediately!  All sale items are an extra 50% off!  Dangerous to say the least.

xoxo Shauna

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