Thursday, July 28, 2011

Safe Travels

Last week, I realized how much I hate hospitals.
Since my trip to Spain & Morocco, I've been feeling a bit under the weather, but thought I had just gotten a bad cold & didn't let myself rest properly before going back to work & to my hectic lifestyle.  

Turns out, I was suffering form a lot more than jet lag & a head cold, & when last Wednesday, I woke up feel absolutely horrible, I knew something was seriously wrong.  

With a temperature of 102.4, blood pressure of 70/38, & terrible stomach pains, my doctor told me I should have come in a lot sooner.  Long story short & 3 nights in the hospital (in isolation none the less), my stomach & intestinal infection was finally under control.  

More than likely, my infection was a result from the food I ate on my trip abroad.  I made sure not to drink tap water, but to be honest, I was unaware of any other procotions I should have taken.  

I wanted to share the CDC website with you guys & share my story so that next time you travel abroad, you don't come home to a hospital bed...  

The CDC breaks food & drink information by country & also lists suggested vaccinations & other helpful info to keep you safe & healthy on your travels.  

Next time I travel, I'll be sure to be more careful about dairy products (pasteurized only) & about eating cooked veggies instead of raw. 

xoxo Shauna

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