Monday, January 3, 2011

Worst Trends of 2010

Matte Nail Polish

I've never really understood this trend.  I LOVE the look of fresh nails, and matte nails just don't say pretty to me.  

Maxi Skirts

Anne Hathaway


NOBODY looks good in this look.  The fullness of these skirts are not flattering at all, especially on a petite girl.  I prefer a more tailored skirt.  If you want more fullness in the leg, go for a wide leg trouser.  

Oddly Placed Fur

Julianne Moore

Aubrey O'Day

Fur happens to be one of my favorite trends of the season as well, but there are certain places fur just doesn't belong… like on your bum or as shin-guards.  

Shoulder Pads

Some ladies like this trend because of it's "slimming" illusion, but I just think these ladies look like football players.


Amber Rose

Paris Hilton

Kim Kardashian    

I think a more feminine, soft look is way more attractive than these hard lines & shiny fabrics.  A dominatrix getup belongs in the bedroom, not on the streets.

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