Sunday, January 16, 2011

Party Dresses

Party Dresses
Party Dresses by Shauna_js 

Next weekend i'm off to see my best friend in VEGAS!  It's her birthday, & since she's moved to a different state, we thought there's no better place to meet than Sin City.  I really don't think there's any better excuse to go shopping for a new dress than a Vegas trip, but since I usually only wear dresses once & then stick them in the back of my closet, I don't like to spend over $100 on a dress.  There's really no need to spend more than thae with all of the AMAZING online stores & boutiques out there selling adorable dresses at an affordable price.  

Here are some of my favorite places to shop online for party dresses:

Hope you enjoy! 

xo Shauna 

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