Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tin Roof Bistro

If you're ever in Manhattan Beach, I'd reccomend this yummy restaurant!  We went here a couple weeks ago for a girlfriend's birthday & absolutely loved everything!  

What we ordered:
Skinny Margarita (I'm on a kick right now) & my bf ordered a glass of Merlot

We ordered the curried spinach dip, honey goat cheese & flat bread, brussel sprouts, filet skewers, & fig pizza.  Everything was really good, especially the brussel sprouts!  We also ordered the individual desserts in shot glasses but were too full to eat them & brought in a fancy shmancy bottle of Pinot that we ended up drinking there (the waitress didn't charge corkage so she got an extra good tip ;))! 

All said & done, each couple spent about $75.  NOT BAD AT ALL! 

Happy Birthday Katie!!

xoxo Shauna

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