Friday, May 13, 2011

Drinking on a diet?

During the week, i'm pretty good about eating healthy & don't typically drink on weeknights (unless I have happy hour plans with girlfriends or a dinner date that involves some wine).  

However, on the weekends it's really hard to not overdo it on the calorie intake due to social drinking!  I'm just not willing to give up my social life in the name for saving a few calories, but I am willing to make smart decisions & pick cocktails that are more "diet friendly".  

Oh so good, yet so bad!  

The BAD choices… 

Margarita: 550 calories
Pina Colada: 586 calories
Rum & Coke: 356 calories
Long Island Ice Tea: 543 calories
Cosmo: 340 calories

BETTER choices…

Skinny Margarita: 100 calories
Vodka Soda w/ splash pineapple: 100 calories
Rum & Diet Coke: 65 calories
Bloody Mary: 180 calories
Wine: 120 calories 

Skinny kumquat margarita from True Foods Kitchen.

Even more reason so cut back on high calorie cocktails… 

"It’s not just the sheer number of calories in these drinks that make them fattening. Recent evidence has come to light that only a small amount of alcohol is converted to fat. Rather, it is converted to a molecule called acetate by the liver. This is an important mechanism the body uses to keep alcohol in the blood stream from poisoning us. However, the body will burn acetate before fat, slowing down fat metabolism. Studies have shown that alcohol consumption can slow fat metabolism by as much as 73%. Thus, consuming alcoholic drinks with high fat content (like drinks with cream) increases the amount of fat that is stored in your body." 

xoxo Shauna

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