Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SI Swimsuit 2011

So, i've been known to plaster photos of hot girls around my house, as my screensaver, maybe even my iPhone background.  I get a ton of weird looks & questions from friends like, "Why is there a Marissa Miller poster on your refrigerator?".  I'm not crazy.  And I like men.  There IS a method to my madness.  What better way to stay motivated than to have a little constant reminder of what your body WON'T look like if you skip the gym or eat that extra cookie.   

For these reasons, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is one of my prized possessions that I hold on to year round.  Released yesterday, the 2011 edition does not disappoint.  Girls, check out this inspiration.  Guys, drool away.  

Thank goodness for pilates tonight!  

These are screenshots of my computer so I apologize for the sketchy quality.  Visit for more "inspiration".

xoxo Shauna

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