Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Breaking the Rules

Who says you can't wear gold & silver together?  This is one of those fashion rules that is meant to be broken (in my opinion at least)!  I mix my chunky gold watch with silver & beige bangles all the time… or pair my white linen jacket with big silver buttons with gold accessories & brown shoes.  As long as your pieces are connected in some way… the outfit just works.  I like wear an accessory that helps "link" or make my outfit look cohesive.  A good way to do this is by having jewelry pieces that are a mesh of gold & silver.  

Here are some jewelry pieces that link different metals together in an outfit… 

All of these pieces are available at &
I've blogged about these online stores before & they're for sure some of my favs!  

I especially love the Juicy Couture silver gold & purple earings!   I'll be snagging those for sure! :)

xoxo Shauna

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